SBO Week

The third and last phase of the SBO is held over the course of a week. During the SBO Week, the participants sit several practical exams with interspersed theoretical questions. The overall results of said week are used to determine the four delegates who represent Switzerland at the International Biology Olympiad IBO and prepares them at the same time. It constitutes the final phase of the SBO. Therefore, the award ceremony is held at the end of the week on the SBO Day in presence of parents, press and teachers.

Who is eligible to participate in the SBO Week?

All those who passed the second exam of the SBO successfully are invited to partake in the SBO Week. On the SBO Day, we hope to welcome many teachers and former participants as well.

Where and when does the SBO Week take place?

The SBO Week will take place at the University of Berne in the Easter week. Various institutes of the University of Berne kindly permit usage of their infrastructure.

Pictures of the SBO Week

Pictures of the SBO-Week are found here

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