Requirements for the First Examination

Theh first exam is the first contact of the students with the Swiss Biology Olympiad. It aims at raising interest in biology and to evaluate basic biological knowledge. The difficulty of the test corresponds to advanced secondary school biology.

The following list illustrates the topics of the first exam, but is by no means exhaustive:

Cell Biology/Biochemistry: functions of cell organelles; respiration, photosynthesis, fermentation, DNA, RNA, proteins; cell division
Plant Physiology: transport of water, mineral salts and sugars; reproductive system of plants; anatmoy of stem, roots, leaves
Animal Physiology: organ systems of mammals, hormone regulation
Genetics: Mendelian genetics; analysis of simple inheritance patterns
Evolution: natural selction; Weinberg-Hardy-equilibrium
Ecology: food chain, ecosystems and biomes
Systematics: definiton of taxon

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