First Phase

The first phase is open to all interested secondary students. The exam papers will be sent to Swiss biology teachers. The students complete the first theoretical exam under supervision of their teacher. The answer sheets should then be returned by mail.

The multiple choice exam takes 90 minutes and requires well-founded biological knowledge aswell as intuiton for more difficult questions.

Who can participate in SBO and IBO?

According to international rules, all secondary students, becoming 20 years old on 1st July in the year of participation in the IBO or later, are eligible to participate in the IBO and SBO. Furthermore, the students must not complete their matura before the year of their participation in the IBO.

What should I do, if I didn't get any exams?

Unfortunately, our database is yet to be completed. It is therefore perfectly possible that certain teachers did not receive any exam papers. Given the situation, we encourage teachers to contact us. We gladly provide documentation. We ask all secondary students, who hear the first time of SBO, to talk to their teachers.

How can I review my results?

After correcting the exams, we send rankings to the teachers aswell as all the participants. Additionally, we provide every participant with a personal password which enables reviewing the exams in .pdf format. The ranking is also published on the internet.

When does the first phase of SBO take place?

The first theoretical exam is sent to the schools in August. Due date to send back the solved exams is in September. Further and exact dates concerning SBO can be found here.

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