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In 2008, Petar Jurcevic, a former IBO participant and member of the association since then, had the idea to make a documentary about the Swiss Biology Olympiad, which was inspired by his friendship with Pascal Bürki and Michel Stäbler of Pocketmemopictures. Enthusiastic about the project idea and its potential and with the valuable support of the Association of Swiss Science Olympiads, ibo | suisse has launched the adventure "Biology happens".

Like the Science Olympiads and especially the Swiss Biology Olympiad, the film project has also started in a very small way, only to later grow exponentially and to an unforeseen extent thanks to the passion and dynamism of all those involved.

Thanks to the intensive support of the Association of Swiss Science Olympiads and all donors, in particular the Fondation C&G, the project was able to take off and could eventually be completed successfully.

ibo | suisse deliberately chose young filmmakers. Placing confidence in their abilities fits exactly into the ibo | suisse philosophy of supporting young talent. Youthful dynamism, joy, enthusiasm and the will to do something extraordinary has usually yielded excellent results.

In order to depict the Swiss Biology Olympiad with maximum authenticity and not just from the outside, we tried to integrate the film crew as much as possible into the SBO.

For the same reason, Pascal Bürki of pmp and Mathias "Mäthu" Wenger shared the work of project management as Swiss representatives of the SBO. This turned out to be a very successful approach.

Only thanks to the excellent cooperation between pmp, the office of the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads, the backing of all members of the SBO and the cooperation of the participants, we have succeeded in realising this masterpiece that came out of a spontaneous idea.


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